David von Cöln: Ananasväxt

David von Cöln, Ananasväxt, 1729, courtesy Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, Sweden.

Public & Private Collections

Our firm advises museums, foundations and nonprofit corporations and fiduciaries with respect to policy and planning. We consult on international and domestic cultural property issues affecting museums and collectors from the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act to the Cultural Property Implementation Act.

Art estate planning should be planning for your lifetime as well as for the future. Our discussions with clients can include purchase and sale agreements, gallery and auction consignments, as well as planned gifts to individuals, foundations, and public charities, including museums.

Our firm will discuss finding the right home for your collection, and working together with your financial consultants, we’ll review marketing options and contracts, charitable giving and tax deductible donations.

We strongly encourage all our clients to document their art collections and art inventory. In some cases, this includes performing due diligence to research potential claims or legal status of artworks. We are happy to discuss options for valuation and appraisal, whether for insurance or for donation, and the standards applicable to these.